HRH Joaillerie is a Monaco-based jewelry boutique specializing in high quality 18K gold and diamond jewelry available to order online at affordable prices.


How You Feel wearing a HRH piece

Refined, uninhibited and contemporary high jewelry for each and every day: (a place where) design meets innovation and ingenuity merges with creativity, while the cosmopolitan lifestyle is nourished by the Mediterranean imagination. Each precious piece of jewelry is worn like a second skin, telling the story of the woman who chose to wear it.

The HRH Brand Inspiration

HRH is a jewelry brand that blends tradition with innovation, creating decidedly contemporary jewelry designs imbued with artisan expertise. The brand's collections stand out with Mediterranean-influenced masterpieces which offer a multitude of combinations and styles.


HRH Jewels Make a Statement

 The jewels make an intimate statement during each and every moment of the day. Every single piece from HRH Jewels is thought as a chapter of an actual life story – a story that is unique and special, like every woman who chooses to live through it.



HRH Joaillerie: The Story of a Woman

Above all, HRH Jewels is the story of a woman who expresses all her passions. Independent, sophisticated, and free from any constraint, the HRH woman finds companionship in her jewelry that she naturally wears every day.


She is a woman who knows what she wants and is open to the world and its cultures. She is hedonistic, feminine, and spontaneous. The HRH woman seeks contemporary jewelry where the sparkle of a jewel is as important as its comfort.


She sees jewelry not as a luxurious artifice, but as a second skin – like an intimate ally that accompanies her in all her actions and gestures. Each and every HRH jewelry design adapts to her rhythm, follows her without ever hindering her, and becomes almost forgotten if only to accompany her. Every jewel remains and every jewel counts – and every jewel celebrates the woman who wears it.

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