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Hurricane/Tropical Storm Response Center

We are closely watching the effects of the Hurricanes/Tropical Storms currently impacting our clients. Get the latest news, advisories and claim resources here.

Decode cyber risk.

A fully integrated, comprehensive plan for managing people, capital and technology risks across your enterprise. Any cybersecurity plan that does less can hardly be called security at all. Learn More

HR pro at a small to midsize company?

Explore the latest products at the all-new HR Trove by Willis Towers Watson. Shop now at

Opportunities in the gig economy: deconstructing work

Companies can achieve savings up to 80% when they deconstruct work and apply alternative resources. For the full report, click here.

Terrorism: insurance marketplace responds to an evolving risk

Charles Needham of the Willis Towers Watson Terrorism & Political Violence Practice on the insurance products now available. For the full report, click here.

Natural resources: intelligent risk management

The Natural Resources industries are renowned for their complex and unique risk management challenges, and so it's vital that all the elements of a company's risk management strategy are brought together effectively to lower overall risk costs. Our specialists understand these challenges, and have a lifetime's experience of our industries in all their forms.

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