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When it comes to searching for the latest effortless jewelry trends, it can often be a challenge to find the right shapes, styles and designs to fit your personal sense of style. Luckily for us, one of the hottest trends for this season takes the challenge right out of the game - mixed metal rings. This chic aesthetic takes the classic layering concept to a new level of style and sophistication, involving mixing rings with different precious metals, textures, shapes and sizes to create a unique look. 

This wear-anywhere style is perfect for women everywhere, regardless of their sense of style. Keep reading to learn more about mixed metal rings and discover our favorite pieces to add this trend to your collection.

Mixed Metal Jewelry - Grafik Rings

Why We Love It

Our favorite aspect of the idea of mixing metals with your rings is the level of effortlessness involved. Not only is this style easy to add or pair with any look, but also it’s easy to wear, too. Simply slip on your favorite rings in a variety of precious metals and styles to create a unique look that’s all of your own. With this style, you don’t have to pick and choose between your favorite rings - you can wear them all at once!

Additionally, mixed metal rings are a great way to add visual interest or texture to an otherwise minimalist outfit. If you feel like what you’re wearing is missing something to really take it to the next level of style, slip on some layerable rings in a variety of styles and you’ll be there.

With this aesthetic, you can also experiment with new styles that you may not wear otherwise. Don’t typically reach for an oversized statement ring? Try pairing it with your everyday understated bands for the perfect mixed up look. Love a minimalist style rather than a maximalist? Mix it up by slipping on several of your favorite simple rings in different precious metals for a subtle yet statement-making look.

How To Mix It

Ready to get mixing? Adding the mixed metal rings aesthetic to your daily jewelry wardrobe is simple. Here are our favorite ways to mix it up.

  1. Choose rings with different colors or precious metals.

By changing up the colors or mixing precious metals, such as white gold and rose gold, you provide a subtle visual interest that adds a sophisticated yet playful feel to any outfit.

  1. Choosing rings with different textures.

By switching up the textures of your rings, such as opting for a model with a smooth finish and one with unique etchings or grooves, you can add an elegantly subtle contrast to your daily look.

  1. Choosing rings with different shapes or silhouettes.

By pairing together rings with different shapes, styles or silhouettes, you can craft the perfect subtle yet statement-making accent that will capture the eye for all of the right reasons.

  1. Choosing rings with different sizes.

By adding rings of different sizes, you can combine the ideas of visual interest, contrast and texture, resulting in a unique look that is both elegant and edgy.

Mixed Metal Rings

Our Favorite Pieces To Mix & Match

The Grafik Collection

This line-up of must-have styles feature a variety of sizes and precious metals, each designed to move with you and match perfectly with any look.

MIX IT UP WITH: different precious metals, textures and sizes.

The Grafik XS Model Ring
  1. The Grafik XS Model Ring

The Grafik Small Model Ring

  1. The Grafik Small Model Ring

The Grafik Large Model Ring

  1. The Grafik Large Model Ring

The Grafik Large Model Diamond Ring

  1. The Grafik Large Model Diamond Ring


The Aura Collection

This elegant collection includes a variety of minimalist styles in both rose and white gold for an easy layerable look that you can wear anywhere.

MIX IT UP WITH: different colors and textures.

The Aura Ring
  1. The Aura Ring

The Aura Diamond Ring

  1. The Aura Diamond Ring


The Luce Collection

Simple and playful, this selection of rose gold and white gold rings feature a whimsical shape with a variety of diamonds for a hint of sparkle.

MIX IT UP WITH: different colors & textures.

The Luce 1-Diamond Ring
  1. The Luce 1-Diamond Ring

The Luce 4-Diamond Ring

  1. The Luce 4-Diamond Ring


The Rose of Hope Collection

Sculptural and sophisticated, this collection of rings features a floral-inspired design with shimmering white and rose gold alongside sparkling diamonds.

MIX IT UP WITH: different colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

The Rose of Hope Diamond Petal Ring

  1. The Rose of Hope Diamond Petal Ring
The Rose of Hope Large Diamond Ring
  1. The Rose of Hope Large Diamond Ring