The Woman

A HRH woman is bold and confident. When she’s in your presence, you notice. She has an effortless style uniquely her own.

She is not one to follow the trends – she sets them. Her taste in jewelry doesn’t reflect a desire to stand out or fit in. It’s simply a part of her.

The Jewelry

HRH jewelry does not accessorize, but rather inspire the woman who wears it. It’s an expression of who she is, where she’s been, and what she stands for carefully crafted to compliment her style, HRH jewelry transitions from day to night with as much ease as she does.

Whether she’s slaying it at work, spending time with family and friends, or attending a gala for a cause she passionately supports, HRH jewelry goes where she goes.



The Story

HRH Joaillerie was launched in Monaco in September 2016 by Hind El Karout. Before starting HRH, Hind spent over a decade on a quest to fashion a thread made of gold, which she weaved lace by lace into jewelry designs. She then decided to develop a line of jewelry accessible to women around the world – and so HRH’s online collection was born.

Careful craftsmanship and design go into every piece of the HRH online collection. Its refined elegance, and casual style is designed to wear anytime – or all of the time.

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