The company AMH INTERNATIONAL SARL, having as brand “HRH Joaillerie”, is a limited liability company with a capital of 15000 euros having its registered office at 19 Boulevard de Suisse, MC 98000 Monaco with company registration number RCI No. 17 S 07491 and VAT no. FR76000131036 (hereinafter, “HRH Joaillerie”). HRH Joaillerie is the editor of the website (hereinafter, the “Site”), and Mr Georges Amer is its Director of Publication in his role as Non-Partner Co-Director].

The Site is hosted by Shopify. For any questions you may have, please contact HRH Joaillerie’s Customer Service team:

HRH Joaillerie
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When you visit the Site and /or use its content you are subject to the terms of use as agreed between HRH Joaillerie and any individual visiting or using the functions and services offered on the Site (hereinafter, the “User(s)”) which are described below (hereinafter, “General Terms of Use”).

Access to and availability of the Site

Accessing and browsing the Site constitutes, on the part of the User, an acceptance without reservation of the following elements:

The Site is accessible to any User from a mobile or fixed terminal which has an internet connection and a browser. The User is responsible for his/her IT equipment and commits, in this regard, to configuring the installation in order to benefit from an optimal use of the functions of the Site.

HRH Joaillerie makes its best efforts to ensure an uninterrupted availability of the Site, 24/24 h and 7/7 days. Access to the Site can however be occasionally restricted or suspended, without warning, to make it possible for HRH Joaillerie to carry out maintenance operations, or in order to introduce new functions on the Site. HRH Joaillerie will try, insofar as possible, to limit the frequency and the duration of these interruptions. 

HRH Joaillerie does not control the risks linked to the internet and attracts Users’ attention to possible risks in terms of confidentiality of data passing through this network, interruptions of electronic communications, denials of services, viruses, computer bugs, and any other case independent of HRH Joaillerie that prevents the availability of the Site. In any case, HRH Joaillerie recommends the User to protect his/her IT equipment by installing antivirus software and to secure the internet connection.

Guarantees and Liability

HRH Joaillerie endeavours to ensure, as best it can, that information of the Site is correct and up-to- date. However, HRH Joaillerie does not guarantee, in any way, that this information is correct, complete and up-to-date. HRH Joaillerie ensures no guarantee, express or tacit, relating to all or part of the Site. HRH Joaillerie also declines any liability relating to the access and content of sites linked to the Site.

Without prejudice of the provisions of the applicable General Terms and Conditions, HRH Joaillerie cannot, in any case, be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature and consequence, arising from viewing or using the Site. In particular, HRH Joaillerie declines any liability in case of interruption or inaccessibility of the Site, of occurrence of bugs, or any damage resulting from fraudulent acts of third parties (such as hacking) from the Site.

HRH Joaillerie has implemented the appropriate and necessary measures to ensure the security of files constituted of the personal data collected on the Site under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of private persons regarding the processing of personal data and the circulation of this data (“GDPR”). This data will be collected and processed under the provisions of the Privacy Policy, accessible from the following link

HRH Joaillerie makes available to the User, purely for information purposes, several hypertext links or newsfeeds making it possible to access third party websites. HRH Joaillerie exerts no control nor editorial control over any of these third-party websites and does approve their content by inserting a hypertext link or forwarding of any type.

Consequently, the User understands and accepts that HRH Joaillerie cannot be held liable for the content of third party websites, and this includes their practices and/or commercial tariffs, or any products and services which are associated with them, and which could be redirected from the Sites. Likewise, HRH Joaillerie cannot be held liable for damage, direct or indirect, suffered by the User and resulting from the access, the content, the use or the malfunctions of these third party websites.

The User warrants to HRH Joaillerie that they will use the Site fairly and legally, strictly adhering to the General Terms of Use in force during browsing. The User commits, in particular, to not carrying out any action so as to interfere, disrupt or block, in any way, including, partially or temporarily, the normal functioning of the Site. The User also commits to not initiating or looking to initiate, in any way, the security of the Site and/or more broadly, the hosting and information system infrastructures used by HRH Joaillerie.

Under the Private Policy of HRH Joaillerie, the User commits expressly, during the collection of Personal Data on the Site, to communicate complete, correct and updated information, and to avoid any prejudice to third parties.

Moreover, the User commit to secure their ID connection, which is personal and confidential, the User being solely responsible for its use and its communication to third parties and commits to inform HRH Joaillerie, as soon as possible, of any security failure so that suitable measures can be taken. HRH Joaillerie reminds the User that it is recommended to them, to log out from their account and to close their browser’s window when they finish their session on the Site.

Intellectual property rights

The Site and all of its components, including trademarks and associate domain names, are protected by the intellectual property rights, in virtue of the laws relating to copyright, to the protection of databases and by any law in force in Monaco and by any European or international treaty.

HRH Joaillerie owns and utilises all copyrights, databases, trademarks, names, text, graphics, icons, images, videos, logos and sound, as well as any other intellectual property right pertaining to the site, its content and/or compilations of its content, and all computer scripts and other codes implemented on the Site (hereinafter, “Intellectual Property Rights”).

The User is forbidden from appropriating, copying, modifying, distributing, diffusing, using all or part of the Site or any Intellectual Property Right attached to it, or using any logo, trademark, photographs or images reproduced on the Site.

The following constitute a breach, and are likely to lead to legal, civil and/or criminal proceedings, against the User contravening these provisions:

  • any copy, reproduction, representation, adaptation, alteration, modification, unauthorised diffusion, full or part, of the Site and/or the elements composing it, by any means, whether relating to elements belonging to HRH Joaillerie or to third parties;
  • any extraction or reuse, repeated or systematic, including for private purposes, of a substantial part or not of the database elements used on the Site.

No document published on the Site could be interpreted as according an express or tacit licence on any of the Intellectual Property Rights.


HRH Joaillerie informs each User that these General Terms of Use can be modified at any time. These modifications are published by putting them online and are considered as accepted without reservation when the User accesses the Site after said modifications are put online. HRH Joaillerie recommends each User to regularly view this page.

Applicable law and settling disputes

This legal disclaimer and these General Conditions of Use are produced conforming with Monegasque law, in particular the provisions of law No. 1.383 of 2nd August 2011 on the Digital Economy, without prejudice of the applicable imperative provisions according to the law of the country of the User, in virtue of Community Regulations or International Conventions. In any case, in case of dispute, the Parties will attempt to find an out-of-court solution, prior to referring to the competent court.