Our Favorite High-Fashion Jewelry Trends

When it comes to exploring the latest effortless accessory styles, we love experimenting with high-fashion jewelry trends. Often unexpected or avant-garde in nature, these beautiful styles often set the trend for many years to come. Although many of these unique styles are not wearable in our day-to-day lives, there are plenty of styles that are accessible to the average woman and easy to incorporate into her daily rotation of jewelry.

If you’re not sure where to start in the world of high-fashion jewelry, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite current styles to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more.

HRH Joaillerie - High fashion trends

Stacked Rings

One of the most popular and accessible high-fashion jewelry trends that we’ve seen is the stylish stacked rings aesthetic. This jewelry trend involves wearing multiple rings together, whether on the same fingers or on several different fingers, to fashion  a unique look. Effortless and laid back, this aesthetic is one of our favorite wear-anywhere styles and is easy to add to your everyday jewelry rotation.



HRH Joaillerie - The Grafik collection


The Grafik Ring Collection


Aura - White Gold Ring


The Aura Gold Ring


Luce - 1 Diamond White Gold Ring


The Luce Gold & Diamond Ring

Layered Bracelets

If you love stacked rings, you’ll definitely love adding layered bracelets to your daily rotation. This unique trend involves wearing multiple bracelets together to create a layered or stacked look. With this trend you can easily experiment and switch up the types of bracelets that you are wearing, pairing together different metals or styles to fashion a look that is uniquely yours.


Aura - Rose Gold Bracelet

The Aura Gold Bracelet


HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold and diamond chain bracelet


The Luce Gold & Diamond Bracelet


Rose of Hope - Satin Rose Gold and Diamond Bracelet


The Rose of Hope Satin Gold & Diamond Bracelet

Pops Of Color

One of our favorite trends we’ve seen gracing the runways is the subtle pop of color with a bold bracelet, necklace or ring. This style is especially popular for women who tend to wear a single color or a daily ‘uniform’ of sorts and want to change up their look in a subtle yet statement-making manner.



Aura - White Gold Cord Bracelet


The Aura Gold Cord Bracelet


Aura - Rose Gold Diamond Earrings 0.0 star rating

Flexible Designs

Perfect for the woman on-the-go, flexible jewelry designs are making a huge impact on the high-fashion world. This aesthetic involves picking pieces that are designed with movement in mind, with a shape or silhouette that can be molded to the woman wearing the piece. Whether it’s a stretchy bracelet or an adjustable ring, this style is great for any woman who wants to effortlessly change their look for any occasion.



The Key - White Gold and Diamond Stretch Bracelet


The Key Gold & Diamond Stretch Bracelet


The Key - Rose Gold and Diamond Flex Bracelet - featuring Antonela Roccuzzo


The Key Gold & Diamond Flex Bracelet

Bold Earrings

Ideal for the woman who wants to make a statement with her accessories, bold earrings are one of the most wearable high-fashion trends of the moment. Whether it’s picking a pair of earrings with an oversized shape or opting for some with an abundance of sparkling diamonds, bold earrings are the perfect easy way to add a hint of high-end style to any look, day or night.



HRH Joaillerie - White gold and diamond hoops

The Aura Gold & Diamond Hoop Earrings


Aura - White Gold Diamond Earrings


The Aura Gold Diamond Earrings

Simple Pendants

Last on our list of effortless and accessible high-fashion jewelry trends is simple yet sophisticated pendants. These dainty styles are perfect for adding to any outfit for a touch of shimmer or sparkle, with minimalist designs that are often delicate in nature for a slightly understated feel. These designs are often paired with other necklaces or pendants for a unique layered look.



Aura - White Gold Diamond Pendant


The Aura Gold Diamond Pendant

Luce - 4 Diamond Rose Gold Pendant

The Luce 4-Diamond Gold Pendant

Remember, when it comes to high-fashion jewelry trends, there are definitely plenty of styles that are both effortless and accessible. No matter what your sense of style or where you are planning to travel to, you can easily incorporate any one of these trends into your daily jewelry rotation.