Rose Gold Rings You Need To See Now

When it comes to finding the perfect effortless pieces to add to your collection, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Between the wide variety of different styles, unique precious metals and more, it can be challenging to find the right pieces for you. If you’re feeling stuck in your journey to crafting the ultimate jewelry collection, we have you covered with rose gold rings.


HRH - Aura rose gold ring


Why Consider Rose Gold?

We know what you’re thinking: “Why should I consider rose gold?” The answer is simple - it’s beautiful, it has a unique history and it’s easy to wear, no matter what your sense of style.

Did you know that rose gold is composed by alloying other precious metals? That’s right - this unique color is produced through a careful combination of yellow gold, silver and copper. Depending on how these metals are mixed, the end result can vary from a light red color to a pastel pink hue. At HRH, our rose gold tends to fall towards the middle, with an underlying warmth that doesn’t have that pinky effect that many yellow gold lovers tend to avoid. In fact, lovers of yellow gold tend to wear HRH rose gold due to its unique color!

Rose gold was first introduced in Imperial Russia in the 1800’s as a more durable and lasting alternative to the white and yellow golds commonly used in jewelry making. Also known as “Russian Gold,” rose gold made another comeback in the 1920’s with the famous Art Nouveau movement. Today, it is one of the most popular precious metals used in producing any style of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets to earrings to rings.

In addition to the unique color and history of rose gold, this precious metal also has the advantage of being highly wearable. This subtle warm pink color is flattering on women of all different skin tones and has the perfect effortless look and feel that can easily be added to any look, day or night.


HRH Joaillerie - Grafik rose gold ring


Meet Some of Our Favorite Rose Gold Ring Styles

Simple Minimalist

The simplest way to add rose gold rings to your collection is through picking the perfect minimalist styles. Designed with a ‘less is more’ philosophy these effortless pieces are perfect for slipping on when you want a hint of rose gold color but you don’t want to overwhelm what you’re wearing.

Our Favorite Style:

HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold ring

 The Aura Rose Gold Ring

Playful & Stackable

When it comes to adding rose gold rings to your daily rotation, you can never go wrong with stackable rings in playful shapes. This aesthetic is one of the modern classics of today, with a wear-anywhere design that you can easily pair with anything in your wardrobe for day or night.

Our Favorite Style:


HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold and diamond bracelet


The Luce 4-Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Oversized & Geometric

Show off the true beauty of rose gold with a bold oversized ring. By choosing a piece with an exaggerated size, you allow for the opportunity to add more eye-catching detailing, such as geometric lines or subtle textured accents.

Our Favorite Style:


HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold ring

The Grafik Large Model Rose Gold Ring

Sculpted & Shaped

A wonderful way to capture the true beauty of rose gold is through a sculpted or shaped ring. By choosing a piece with this type of structural detailing, you can show off the versatile nature of rose gold, showcasing its brilliance and inviting warmth.

Our Favorite Style:


HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold and diamond ring

The Rose of Hope Satin Rose Gold & Diamond Ring

Sparkling & Stunning

One of our favorite ways to dress up rose gold is through adding shimmering diamonds. This glittering stone is the perfect way to truly illuminate the color of rose gold, accenting its warm undertones and glistening appearance.

Our Favorite Style:


HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold and diamond ring

The Grafik Large Model Rose Gold & Diamond Ring