Effortless On Trend Necklaces You Need To See

When it comes to finding the perfect on trend pieces to add to your personal jewelry collection, there’s always one style that should be considered: effortless necklaces. Perfect for slipping on with any outfit and for any occasion, effortless on trend necklaces are timeless, easy to wear and can instantly elevate your look. 

But finding the perfect effortless styles can be a challenge - how do you navigate the number of options out there to find exactly what you should invest in for now and the future? Never fear - we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite styles to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more.

White gold and diamond long necklace

Long Layerable Necklaces

First up on our list of on trend and effortless necklaces are those with a long and layerable style. Easy to wear on its own or pair with other pieces, this style of necklace is perfect for the woman who is looking for the ultimate wear-anywhere style. No matter what your style or how you wear them, long and layerable necklaces are the perfect wear-anywhere trend for any modern woman.


HRH Joaillerie white gold long necklace


The Luce White Gold & Diamond Long Necklace

Luce - 4 Diamond White Gold Pendant

Subtle Sparkling Pendants

When it comes to effortless necklaces, nothing is more timeless and on trend than ones with subtle sparkling accents, such as a diamond encrusted pendant or a ring with a hint of shimmering precious stones. By opting for a necklace with an understated amount of sparkle, you are able to craft an effortless look that is always on trend and will still make a sophisticated statement.


HRH Joaillerie white gold and diamond pendant necklace


The Luce 4-Diamond White Gold Pendant

HRH Joaillerie - white gold necklace

Playful Shapes 

If you’re searching for the perfect effortless necklace style to make a sophisticated statement, those with subtle playful shape are perfect for you. Look for pieces with a minimalist aesthetic and high-quality materials to balance out the whimsical nature of the design itself for a truly effortless and elegant look that can take you anywhere.


HRH Joaillerie white gold and diamond necklace


The Aura White Gold Diamond Pendant

HRH Joaillerie - white gold and diamond necklace

Sculpted Silhouettes

Last on our list of must-have on trend necklaces are those with sculpted silhouettes. These subtle statement-making pieces often feature unique shapes and designs that are carefully sculpted to resemble another form, such as a delicate flower bloom or a freshly fallen leaf, with understated accents and a beautiful finish.


HRH Joaillerie rose gold and diamond necklace


The Rose of Hope Satin Rose Gold & Diamond Pendant

Remember, when it comes to on trend necklaces, nothing beats an effortless style. These timeless designs are perfect for adding to any look for any occasion, with an easy-to-pair aesthetic that will work with anything in your collection.