Layering Bracelets: What You Need To Know About This Trend

When it comes to the latest fine jewelry trends, there’s one that’s always at the top of our list: layered bracelets. This chic aesthetic is effortless and easy to wear, perfect for any woman to add to her existing rotation of different jewelry styles. If you’re wondering whether you should give this trend a try, we’ve put together a list of some of the best features of this style as well as some of our favorite pieces for your consideration. Keep reading to learn more!


HRH Joaillerie - White gold and rose gold bracelets



It's Easy & Accessible

The best thing about the trend of layering bracelets is how easy it is to incorporate into your existing outfit rotation, no matter what your sense of style. Simply pick a few of your favorite bracelets and wear them all at once. Whether you like something simple and minimalist or prefer something a little more bold and statement-making, you can slip on the perfect styles to suit your mood and work well with your outfit.

It's Customizable

If you’re a woman who loves wearing  a unique look that’s all of her own, layering bracelets is the perfect trend for you to take part in. This style allows for you to put together  a one-of-a-kind stack of bracelets that’s true to your sense of style and works with your mood and what you’re wearing.


Luce diamond bracelet in gold and white gold


It's Interchangeable

Are you a style chameleon who enjoys changing up their look to suit different occasions or moods? Layered bracelets are the perfect jewelry trend for you! With this aesthetic, you can quickly swap out a bracelet or two for an instant shift or upgrade. Running errands? Slip on a few simple cord bracelets. Heading out for a night out? Swap them out for a stack with bold sparkling diamonds.

It's Travel-Friendly

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of reasons why we love layering bracelets is that it’s the perfect travel-friendly style. Slipping on a few bracelets with your outfit won’t get in the way of any adventure, whether you’re going for a quick run, heading out to the beach or taking the time to have a nice dinner with your other half.

Remember, when it comes to the wear-anywhere  trend of layering bracelets, it’s easy to add to your collection and your wardrobe rotation. Not only is this style accessible and customizable, but it’s also effortlessly interchangeable and travel-friendly.



HRH Joaillerie Aura cord and rose gold bracelet


The Aura Cord Bracelet - perfect for layering different colors!


HRH Joaillerie rose gold and diamond bracelet


The Luce Diamond Bracelet - mix and match 1-Diamond and 4-Diamond styles


HRH Joaillerie rose gold and diamond bracelet


The Rose of Hope Bracelet - sculpted and modern


HRH Joaillerie white gold bracelet


The Aura Braceletideal for adding a subtle hint of shimmer


HRH Joaillerie white gold flex bracelet


The Key Stretch Bracelet - statement-making style on your wrist