Our Favorite New Trend: Earrings That Look Like Multiple Piercings

When it comes to the latest jewelry trends in 2020, our favorite effortless style is definitely the new aesthetic of earrings that look like multiple piercings. This edgy and modern style is perfect for adding an elevated yet playful look to any outfit, with a unique design that will have you instantly feeling more confident and powerful as soon as you slip them on. Here’s why we love this new jewelry trend for 2020.

They're Effortless

The best part about earrings that look like multiple piercings? They’re easy to wear. This beautiful style gives the illusion that you’re wearing multiple earrings at once without having to worry about actually doing so! You simply slip on one earring and you’re ready to run out the door with a bold, head-turning style that’s still attainable and approachable. On top of that, you don’t have to get multiple piercings to wear them - you’ll be fine with just one!

You Can Mix And Match

With this type of earring, you can easily mix-and-match them with your other favorite pieces to fashion a look that is truly unique to you! Try pairing them with other minimalist earrings for more of an edgy style or wear them with coordinating necklaces, rings, or bracelets for a head-to-toe stacked look that is super on-trend. You can also mix up the different precious metals or stones to put together an effortless look that’s all of your own.

They're Travel-Friendly

Looking for the perfect wear-anywhere style to add to your collection? Earrings that look like multiple piercings are the perfect choice. This style is simple, with a slip-on design that you can wear anywhere and everywhere you go. They aren’t bulky and won’t get in the way of any adventure you’re planning, from travel to running errands in the city to relaxing on the beach with friends or family.

All in all, earrings that look like multiple piercings are one trend that is here to stay for 2020 and beyond. Not only is it highly wearable, but also it’s effortless and edgy design is perfect for mixing and matching with anything in your collection as well as traveling with you anywhere.

Looking for a few pieces to get your collection started? Here are some of our favorites:

Our Favorite Pieces


HRH joaillerie trio earring in rose gold


The Aura Rose Gold Or White Gold Trio Earring

This modern style features three small hoops that give the illusion that you’re wearing three earrings at once. Crafted using stunning 18 karat gold in beautiful white or rose, these earrings are the perfect edgy addition to any woman’s collection.


Gold ear cuff


The Aura Rose Gold or White Gold Ear Cuff

This elevated ear cuff is perfect for slipping on when you want an effortlessly chic look with a hint of edge. Designed with shimmering 18K rose gold or white gold, this cuff is so light and airy, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.