Our Favorite New Trend: Simple Statement Jewelry

When it comes to the latest seasonal jewelry trends, one style is definitely our favorite - simple statement jewelry. The perfect option to add to any outfit, this style of jewelry follows a gorgeous modern minimalist aesthetic with an appearance that is ideal for accenting your look in an effortless manner. Just by adding the right simple statement pieces to your outfit, you can immediately take your look from boring to bold with ease. In addition, these versatile accessories can also work as the perfect reflection or statement of who you are, your personality, your mood and your inner confidence.

Ready to get started with the simple statement jewelry trend? Here’s what to look for in your next pieces to add this adaptable style to your collection.

White and yellow gold bracelets and rings

A Minimalist Feel

LIke we mentioned before, simple statement jewelry tends to follow the minimalist aesthetic. In other words, when it comes to this trend, less is more. Look for styles with a minimal design that have little to no accents or distinguishing features, letting the unique shapes or materials take center stage.

High-quality materials

On that same notion, always look for pieces that are crafted with high-quality materials. From gorgeous 18 karat golds in various hues to sparkling diamonds, simple statement pieces offer the best of the best when it comes to what they’re made with. That being said, remember that the use of sparkle should be minimal to keep it simple.

White and gold chain necklaces

Unique Designs Or Shapes

Because simple statement jewelry is more minimalist in nature, the statement aspects of this style often fall in the unique design or shape of the piece. Whether it’s a striking six-prong setting on a precious stone pendant or subtle geometric cut detailing in the band of a ring, the unique appearance of a simple statement piece can truly make it effortlessly breathtaking.

White, yellow and pink gold rings

Subtle Sparkle

When it comes to simple statement pieces, a subtle sparkle is key. Look for pieces that feature small diamonds or precious stones for a touch of brilliance that won’t look overwhelming or like you tried too hard. Keep it simple with the design, such as chic stud earrings with a single diamond or a solitaire diamond ring.

White and yellow gold and diamond stud earrings

A Wear-Anywhere Aesthetic

One of our favorite parts about simple statement jewelry? You can wear it anywhere! Because this style often features very subtle detailing, stones, or other maximalist design elements, you can easily slip any simple statement piece on while traveling, hitting the beach, or going out to dinner without the fear of it getting in the way.

Layerable Style

Last, but certainly not least - simple statement jewelry often features a layerable style. In other words, this type of jewelry lets you wear multiple pieces at once to craft a look that is truly and uniquely yours! Whether it’s stacking a few minimalist rings together or layering on several necklaces, you can design a look that fits your personality, mood, and sense of style each and every time you wear simple statement jewelry.

White, yellow and rose gold necklaces and layered stacking rings

When it comes to simple statement jewelry, always remember that it should be a reflection of you. Look for pieces that fit your unique sense of style, your personality, your mood and your confidence.