The Best Statement Jewelry: Earring Styles We Love

When searching for the perfect statement jewelry trends to add to their collection, many women tend to overlook one important piece - the earring! The perfect way to add a bold look to any outfit, statement jewelry, earrings specifically, give you the freedom to express your sense of style while at the same time increasing your confidence, poise and presence. No matter where you’re headed and what you’re planning to wear or do, adding a pair of statement earrings will definitely elevate your look.

Are you searching for the perfect statement jewelry earrings to add to your collection? Here are some of our favorite must-have styles for your consideration.


HRH Joaillerie - rose gold and diamond earrings


Bold Diamond Accents

Ready to add a hint of sophisticated sparkle to your look? Slip on a pair of diamond earrings! These statement jewelry earrings are perfect for putting all eyes on you, with an elegant appearance and a bold shimmering appearance. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and silhouettes, this style of statement earring is perfect for any woman, regardless of her sense of style.



HRH Joaillerie - Rose gold and diamond earrings


The Aura Diamond Earrings

Unique Shapes

Looking for the perfect way to put all eyes on you? Slip on a pair of statement earrings with a unique shape or silhouette. Whether they’re oversized, diamond-encrusted or minimalist in design, these effortlessly stylish earrings are perfect for adding to any look for a hint of edgy elegance that can take you anywhere.



Aura - Rose Gold Diamond Earrings


The Aura Gold Diamond Earring

Eye-Catching Hoops

If you’re searching for something a little more on the trendy side of things, why not try a pair of statement hoop earrings? These stylish pieces are designed with an oversized silhouette and a uniquely feminine hoop shape. Perfect for adding an effortless sense of sophistication to any look, these earrings are perfect for the woman who wants all eyes on her for all of the right reasons.



The Aura Gold Hoops


HRH Joaillerie - white gold and diamond hoop earrings

The Aura Diamond Hoops

Sculpted Silhouettes

Perfect for the woman who wants a truly unique look, sculpted silhouettes are a great way to make a statement. This eye-catching style typically features an assortment of beautiful shapes and lines that are effortlessly entwined to craft  a piece of jewelry that is unique and wonderfully appealing in nature.



HRH Joaillerie rose gold and diamond earrings


The Rose of Hope Satin Gold & Diamond Earrings

Earrings That Look Like Multiple Piercings

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of must-have statement jewelry earrings is definitely those that look like multiple piercings. This unique style packs an edgy yet sophisticated air that’s understated yet eye-catching in nature. This style of earring is perfect for women who want something effortless yet head-turning that can match well with any outfit in their rotation. If you’d like to learn more about this beautiful trending style, head on over to our dedicated blog post.



HRH Joaillerie white gold earrings


The Aura Gold Trio Earring

Remember, when it comes to finding the perfect statement jewelry, earrings are always key. From gorgeous sparkling diamond earrings to ones that look like multiple piercings, there’s the perfect statement design out there for every woman, no matter what their personal sense of style.